Cuples Tea House is a family owned and operated business offering An Urban Tea Experience featuring premium loose teas, tea accessories, good music, good people, vibes, art, and culture in a socially connected atmosphere.

We offer an online retail store and tea inspired specialty and mobile events. Although we don’t have a physical location (yet) you can still enjoy Cuples Tea at local events and locations via our mobile tea house.

Cuples Tea House™ offers a full range of the teas, both hot and iced, as well as sweeteners, premium tea accessories and gifts.

What We Do

An Urban Tea Experience featuring: premium loose teas, tea accessories, good vibes, good music, art and culture in a socially connected atmosphere.

  1. Loose Leaf Tea

    Our mission is to share our passion and love for tea with you. Through our research to bring to you the absolute best tea, we have learned flavoring, blending, coloring and brewing techniques.  This fall, we will conduct several tea samplings/focus groups which will include “self proclaimed tea connoisseurs.”

    These samplings will help us to choose the teas that will then become available to you.

  2. Tea Accessories

    Once you have purchased your loose leaf tea, we want you to brew the perfect cup every time. We offer tea accessories including tea cups/mugs, tea pots, infusers, strainers, paper filter bags, sweeteners including honey and all the little things that make for a memorable tea experience. Our tea accessories have been selected with an urban appeal in mind.  You will be able to purchase your tea and tea accessories on our website during our fall launch.

  3. Tea Party (aka The Tea Set)

    Our vision is to host urban inspired tea parties – less the doilies and lace. We are not your mama’s tea house! The Cuples “The Tea Set” introduces tea culture and its history thus giving you “An Urban Tea Experience.” We will feature: premium loose teas, tea accessories, good music, good vibes, art and culture in a socially connected atmosphere to our audience. Cuples Tea looks forward to hosting your next tea party, bridal party, birthday party, corporate fundraiser or girls retreat. We will provide the tea, the food, tea accessories, and of course the “vibe.”

  4. Mobile Cafe'

    Cuples Tea House™ Mobile Cafe’ where the tea is brewed fresh and the service is friendly! If we’ve already met, you know the amount of love we put into bringing you our delicious, thirst quenching teas. Cuples Tea menu changes seasonally, so there is always something new to try.

    If we haven’t met, thank you for checking our our website and learning a little bit more about what we are all about.

Our Vision

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, after water. Every day, millions of people around the world start their days with this hot (or cold) stimulating beverage. Tea is cultural and social – some drink it purely for its health benefits while others enjoy its refreshing thirst quenching qualities.

No matter what your reasons are, Cuples Tea House wants to introduce you to tea, as an “Urban Experience.”

Cuples Tea’s vision is to share our passion and love of tea with you. Our loose-leaf tea selection is a combination of blends and flavors that have been sampled and selected by our focus groups. Our signature tea parties, otherwise known as, “The Tea Set” introduces tea culture and its history to our audience. And our tea accessories have also been carefully selected and are sure to appeal to our urban market.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our mobile tea locations. Please check the calendar to find us.

We are “Not Your Mama’s Tea House!”  We promise, you won’t find any lace or doilies here!

Who’s behind the scenes?


What They Are Saying About Us

Here Are The Facts


Percent of Americans drink tea every day

96Percent of all tea drinkers make their tea from tea bags

Percent of the tea consumed in the United States is black tea

30Percent of tea drinkers prefer sweet over unsweetened tea

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