Tea Type: Green Tea w/Jasmine Bouquet
Ingredients: Green Tea, scented with Jasmine blossoms
Flavors: The flavor is a very mild grassy.  A nice smooth familiar green tea flavor with just a hint of sweetness.
Sold As: Loose Leaf
Caffeine: Low

You’ll love putting these in a glass teapot and watching them unfurl!



Green Dragon Pearls are hand-rolled young Chinese green tea leaves, generally from Fujian Province.   The rolled pearls are rolled then dried.  This China green large pearl takes its time to fully unfurl. No need to pre-measure, one pearl is enough for two cups or a small teapot.

When added to hot water, Green Dragon Pearls majestically unfurl, releasing their delicate scent and flavor.  The liquor is softly sweet with a nice soft nutty sweetness at the end.

Steep at 212° for 4-5 minutes  —  Use again, this tea can be steeped  up to three times.

Additional information

Additional Information

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Green Dragon Pearls

4 oz, 1 lb

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