Starting out, you should know that most varieties of white, black and green gourmet teas are usually very widely known and familiar but teas such as rooibos and oolong are not as familiar, but are very easy to appreciate.

Choose your selection based on your guest list. For a more conservative party, choose the familiar, for a more diverse guest list, we recommend that you go with a variety of herbal, black, green, maté, rooibos, and oolong.

Cuples Tea House will show you how to infuse your teas with a selection of spices and fruits, such as blueberries, cardamon, currents, fresh ginger or orange peel.

No tea-tasting is complete without a tasting card or sheet. Cuples Tea House provides the tasting card with directions on how to evaluate the teas being served.

We haven’t forgotten the palate cleanser.  Cuples Tea will also provide extra refreshments to make sure one tea doesn’t overpower the next. And as an added treat, your guests will receive a 1 oz. bag of tea to test their new tea skills at home!

We promise you’ll become a tea snob in no time!



If you are planning a private tasting please purchase your tickets here for your group.  Tickets are non-transferable.  There is no need to call to RSVP.  If you would prefer to buy your tickets over the phone, please call us in advance 410.989.3851.  If you purchased a voucher from a service such as Groupon, Living Social or Amazon Local, please call us to reserve your date for the tea tasting.

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