August 28, 2019

Insulated Ceramic Traveller

Take your tea to go with this beautifully crafted ceramic travel mug. This handmade ceramic traveller comes with an 18/8 stainless steel strainer which easily attaches to the lid and is wrapped in beautiful bamboo. Safely sip your beverage from this one of a kind traveller which keeps your drink hot or cold up to three […]

April 6, 2019

Let’s Talk TEA Event

Ok, you’ve gotta catch this TEA…On May 18th It’s time to talk TEA (Truth, Empowerment and Accountably). This event features 6 dynamic speakers addressing the health of the whole woman (living purposefully, financial health & wealth, mental health, physical health and women's health.) Oh...did we mention the tea tasting, the adult tea ‘After Party’ and [...]
February 6, 2019

You Can Have The Love Sip

Do you remember that moment you fell in love? I’m not talking about falling in love with a person; I’m talking about falling in love with a thing. This Valentine’s Day, why buy your beloved a bouquet of blooms when you can steal your Valentine’s heart with a romantic evening of sips and kisses thanks to this […]

January 15, 2019

The Adult Tea Tasting

Our tea tastings are accompanied by a narrative sharing the origins, production methods, flavor profiles, aromas, colors, textures, health benefits and much more.  And thats just the first hour.  The second hour we sample our teas with 'spirit enhancers', introducing people to an entirely new tea drinking experience, (we never said this was your momas [...]
December 18, 2018


We are the COUPLE in "CUPLES TEA" and we love have a nice hot CUPPA to wind down...Now do you get it? Return to Blog
December 13, 2018


Baltimore has been an amazing friend. Her beauty and culture can really be felt talking to folks at the local farmers markets or pop ups around the city. Proud to call Baltimore home. #HomeGrownBaltimore #HarborEast #Cuplestea #BDC #HolidayTeaTasting #Tea Return to Blog

December 1, 2018

We Got #Merch

Can't wait to unleash this beautiful new design this coming season.  We got #merch coming, we've got a new banner and a new look - a regenerated sprit!! Check us out at our upcoming Farmers Markets. @eppsgraphics is such an incredible graphic artist with an incredible vision - and so easy to work with too! Return [...]
November 30, 2018

Registered and Protected

So then this happened. Cuples Tea House is a recognized as and identifiable and distinguishable company registered under the United States - boom!  @boydandcooper many thanks to you for being such a good friend and supporter and thank you for taking us under your wing to make sure that @cuplestea is covered.  Return to Blog
September 25, 2018

Cuples Tea Goals

Cuples Tea Goals #10 Up next for us is to begin exploring tea pairings.  In the past we have offered pairings with chocolate, biscotti, cookies, fruit etc.  Next, we move into the world of 'spirit enhancers.'  In our upcoming tea tasting workshop, we will take you on a wonderful and introspective tea journey. @homegrown_baltimore will [...]
March 10, 2018

Cuples Tea House Dreams

Go Fund Our Dreams Our ultimate goal is to open a tea house with a tea bar and event space. We have been scouting locations around the city to find the perfect spot. We’ve set up our GoFundMe campaign to help us raise money for this project. We’re not begging…if you don’t feel comfortable donating, [...]
December 10, 2017

It’s Tea Season

Only a few more shopping days until Christmas ? and our holiday gift box sets ? are now available. Each box is only $25 and comes with a selection of three premium loose leaf teas☕️. The boxes comes beautifully wrapped. Return to Blog
June 24, 2017


If you've never tried this delicious Baltimore tradition you've been missing out. It's the perfect combination of sweet and sour. The idea is that the lemon breaks down the sugar in the center of the peppermint stick which then creates sort of a straw with the peppermint stick. Next, enjoy the taste of the lemon juice. [...]
June 18, 2017

Father’s Day Gift Sets

Dads LOVE tea too! Father's Day Instagram special! Get 2 ounces of our premium bourbon infused loose leaf tea, 5 bourbon tea bags, our amber sugar crystals and a Heavy Seas cognac flavored cigar PLUS a large mug with infuser, all for $30. Inbox us to order or get yours this Saturday at the Fells [...]
March 3, 2017

Green Tea vs Yerba Mate’

Green Tea vs Yerba Mate We all know of green tea. It’s been called the Elixir of Life and has been hailed as a powerful medicinal herb for thousands of years. It’s good stuff. There’s no doubt about that. And when you compare it to the highly acidic and toxic coffee, it’s a no-brainer that [...]
February 12, 2017

Things To Know For Your Tea Tasting

As a tea taster, the first thing you do is inspect the dry tea. Surprisingly, a large proportion of our overall option is based on  its look: SHAPE -  what are the bits of tea like? Small? Large? COLOUR - is it all the same colour? Is it jet black? If it's all different colours then it might be [...]
December 27, 2016

Men Drink Tea Too!

There is something very attractive about a man that drinks tea… Maybe its because he has the confidence to drink tea or maybe he just recognizes the healthful benefits of choosing a cup of tea over those sugary, carbonated beverages.
December 3, 2016

We’re On The Shelf!!! @Modern Cook Shop

Tea Tasting Workshop @ Modern Cook Shop Gotta fill these shelves. #moderncookshop   #freeteatasting Our Modern Cook Shop pop up is finally here. We're sampling our deliciously delightful  #afroblueberrygreenrooibos tea and our #bmorechai tea blended especially with our #dearbaltimore in mind. We'll have our world famous #bloodorange tea. I mean,    #youjustgottatastethistea   and finally, sample our #pureceylonblack tea which will make you forget the rest. See you [...]
November 27, 2016

ArcherPine – Black Wallstreet

Hey fam! First we want to thank you all for your continued support as we continue to experience amazing opportunities on our journey through entrepreneurship. We are so proud to announce that our online retail store featuring premium looseleaf tea tea accessories and tea inspired specialty events is now available on starting on cyber [...]