February 24, 2016

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Tea

The Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Tea is by far my favorite!!

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls are hand-rolled young Chinese green tea leaves, generally from Fujian Province.   The rolled pearls are dried, then blended with unopened night-blooming jasmine flowers. Over the course of a night, the flowers open and release their aroma into the tea, flavoring it and giving it the heady scent associated with the tea. The next morning, the flowers are removed and the operation is done all over again – up to six times for high-quality jasmine teas!  When added to hot water, Jasmine Phoenix Pearls majestically unfurl, releasing their delicate scent and flavor.  Also known as ‘Jasmine Dragon Pearls’, their liquor is sweet and almost sugary. Use again, this tea can be steeped  up to three times

Steep at 195° for 3-4 minutes  http://t.co/luUOXF4EOT

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