Chai Spiced Maté

Our Chai Spiced Maté is a great combination of a variety of teas. This energizing chai blend is a wonderful way to increase your daily dose of beneficial antioxidants along with a host of healthy vitamins. This  chai spiced maté is both good for you and delicious.

Liquid Sunshine

This is a wonderful kick start to the day! This maté smells like a fresh cup of coffee. The toasting process of the South American Yerba Maté plant is similar to coffee roasting and yields a darker, deeper cup that still offers similar energizing effects.

It has a toasty, comforting chicory notes that takes milk and sugar well.

Mocha Nut Maté

A wonderful alternative to coffee. This maté blends a toasty, mellow chicory-like hazelnut flavor and chocolate nibs  add to the character of this Brazilian toasted maté. Add a bit of hazelnut creamer and you have the perfect treat. Great straight up or enhanced with cream and sugar.

Soul Maté Tea

Your knees will weaken and your heart will melt at the first sip of this tea. You’ll experience a magical love connection with this blend of South American Maté with gingko, ginseng, and refreshing spearmint. This Soul Mate Tea will energize your soul and keep you going throughout the day.