Tea Type: Chamomile, Lemongrass, Peppermint
Ingredients: Chamomile, refreshing Peppermint and zesty Lemongrass
Flavors: Clean chai flavor, light and earthy with a green tea taste.
Sold As: Loose Leaf, Individual Pyramid Tea Bags
Caffeine: This tea contains no caffeine.

Steeping instructions: 1 rounded tsp per cup | we recommend 4-5 minutes for full flavor.



The chamomile is the main flavor in this tea but the peppermint does not overwhelm. It’s sweet, calm, and the lemongrass gives it a refreshing citrusy flavor with a kick of mint at the end. This blend helps to relieve anxiety, restlessness and calms the soul. A lovely tea for the evening.

Additional information

Additional information

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Cha Cha

4 oz Pouch, 1/2 lb, Loose Leaf Sachets (20ct)

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