Tea Type: Chamomile Tea (Herbal)
Ingredients: Chamomile flowers only, fresh with petals
Flavors:Light, floral, with a natural sweetness
Sold As: Loose Leaf, Individual Tea Bags
Caffeine: This tea contains no caffeine

Steeping Instructions: 1 heaping tsp per cup | we recommend 5-10 minutes to enjoy the richest flavor.



Chamomile is considered a remedy for all ills by the ancient Egyptians.  The golden flowering herb remains a modern favorite because of its tendencies to promote calm, relieve anxiety and help with insomnia. When steeped, these fragrant blossoms smell of freshly cut apples and produce a rich, golden cup with superior flavor. This caffeine free herbal infusion is delicious served with honey.

Additional information

Additional information

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4 oz Pouch, 1/2 lb, Loose Leaf Sachet (20ct)

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