Tea Type: Oolong
Ingredients: Oolong tea from Taiwan
Flavors: Very light yellow liquor with a subtle sweet scent bright, fruity-floral taste of Taiwanese oolong tea. Dry leaf has a nice grassy scent, steeped tea is light and leans floral.
Sold As:  Loose Leaf Pouches, Iced Tea Quart Pouches
Caffeine: This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 185° for 4-5 minutes.
Don’t toss these leaves after a single infusion, as they’re good for at least 3 infusions, and each infusion changes just a bit


Absolutely delightful Jade Oolong Tea. Unlike its dark brethren, this is a Jade Oolong is almost green in appearance and has large, hand-rolled leaves. Once infused, these tea leaves unfurl to release this tea’s delicate notes, fragrance and flavor. Very smooth tea – floral, slightly toasty flavor with a mild buttery finish without being too grassy. This tea does well with multiple infusions.

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Additional information

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Loose Leaf Sachets (20ct), Quart Sized Loose Leaf Pouch (12ct), 1 lb, 4 oz