If you’re reading this, you are probably intrigued with the idea of hosting a “Tea Set” with our urban appeal. If you are considering planning an event honoring a bride’s upcoming nuptials, a soon-to-be mom, or a fundraising event, let Cuples Tea House help plan your special event.

Cuples signature Tea Party, otherwise known as “The Tea Set” introduces tea culture and its origins and rich history in an urban inspired atmosphere – less the doilies and lace.

The first thing you’ll need to do when planning your “Tea Set” is to determine is what type of teas you want to serve. Click here to view our tea selections. You should choose about six teas for your menu. Remember that the central part of your menu is the tea; the food serves as a compliment.

Having a theme for the party can be a lot of fun. For instance, you might want to host a garden “Tea Set” or focus on teas known to de-stress or relax you, or perhaps your guest of honor may have some ancestry you can highlight with your choices? Also, pay attention to your entire guest list.  It’s probably best to plan for some non-caffeinated teas and vegan food options as well.

Speaking of food: this is a shower,  your guests will expect to be fed! Fortunately, your “Tea Set” includes finger foods, fresh scones/biscuits and the sweet stuff (cakes and other iced goods.)

  • Finger sandwiches are part of your “Tea Set”. So choose an appealing assortment of sandwiches (up to 3 selections) for your event. (Check out our sandwich menu)
  • Scones/Biscuits usually follow the sandwiches. Cuples offer a selection to round out your mid-afternoon menu. (Select your Scones/Biscuits here)
  • The final course of your “Tea Set” is the sweet stuff. Cuples offers a selection of cake, cupcakes, or small iced buns (traditionally known as fancies.)

We will complete your “Tea Set” experience with a selection of gourmet honeys, jams and cream.

As your guests arrive they will be greeted with a flavored tea.

Now, wasn’t that easy?



Cuples Tea House provides the place settings for each paid guest. We provide all of the food needed for your event (unless otherwise noted). We provide a selection of loose-leaf teas, tea supplies (cups, infusers, honey, sugar, lemon etc.), napkins, utensils used for serving and table linen. For special themed events, Cuples Tea does not provide special décor for your event. Cuples Tea House can arrange for chairs/tables at an additional charge (plus delivery.)

If you would like to plan a private “Tea Set” please purchase your tickets here for your group.  Tickets are non-transferable.  There is no need to call to RSVP.  If you would prefer to buy your tickets over the phone, please call us in advance 410.989.3851.  If you are booking a special event (i.e., Mother’s Day) or if you have purchased a voucher from a service such as Groupon, Living Social or Amazon Local, please call us to reserve your date for the tea tasting.

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