There is just something wonderful about drinking tea with others. To drink tea alone can be a wonderful and introspective journey, a meditation on beauty through the synergies of flavor, smell and taste. However, to drink tea among friends magnifies the sensations of the tea, making it easier to see the beauty that tea has to offer. Indeed, the whole culture of tea centers around hospitality and the social interaction of a shared pot.

The Cuples Tea House “Tea Party” is an ideal setting for your social group, wellness event, church group, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday celebration, or simply time to catch up with good friends.

Cuples Tea House is “Not Your Momma’s Tea House!” You won’t find any lace or doilies here. But what you will find is an urban inspired tea party including a selection of both savory and sweet bites, tea sandwiches, fruits and cheeses to satisfy all appetites.

Depending on the reason for your Tea Party, your guest list can include dozens of people or just a few of your closest friends. Your invitation can range from a very casual Evite to a formal invitation. The cost for each person is $39.50 (which does not include tax and/or gratuity.) Guests can register online or one invoice can be billed.

As your guests arrive they will be greeted with a flavored iced tea beverage. We will complete your “Tea Party” experience with a selection of gourmet honeys, jams and cream.

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Cuples Tea House will provide all of the food needed for your event (based on your selections, unless otherwise noted).

What You Get:

  • ​A​n appealing assortment of finger sandwiches (up to 3 selections) for your event
  • Scones/Biscuits usually follow the sandwiches (a selection of gourmet honeys, jams and cream is also included)
  • Followed by the sweet stuff (Cuples offers a selection of cake, cupcakes, or small iced buns (traditionally known as fancies.)

We provide a selection of loose-leaf teas, tea supplies (creamers, honey, sugar, lemon, etc.), selection of gourmet honeys, jams and creamers.  Napkins/water glasses/tea cups/saucers/plates/flatware/table linen/tables/chair rentals will be provided at an additional fee (unless otherwise noted.) 

For special themed events, Cuples Tea does not provide special décor for your event* (unless otherwise noted.)  Cuples Tea House can arrange for chairs/tables at an additional charge* (plus delivery.)

** Cuples Tea has a selection of table linen and napkins, should you choose a color that is not available in our inventory, please note that there will be an additional fee to rent additional linen/napkins.

If you would like to plan your private tea party event,  please purchase your tickets here for your group.  There is no need to call to RSVP.  If you would prefer to buy your tickets over the phone, please call us in advance 410.989.3851.  If you are booking a special event (i.e., Mother’s Day) or if you have purchased a voucher from a service such as Groupon, Living Social or Amazon Local, please call us to reserve your date for the tea party.

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