Virtual Tea Tastings

It’s not about being just another tea house. We’re about creating a space where people can enjoy being present in the moment. It’s about folks coming in for a delicious, healthy beverage and leaving with their spirits elevated, nourished, and re-energized. Since we can’t be together in person, we have created out VIRTUAL TEA TASTING events to fill in for those in person experiences.

Who We Are

Cuples Tea is a premium loose leaf tea company offering loose lea tea, tea accessories, and virtual tea tastings. Cuples tea was started out of a desire to not only introduce tea culture to people but to make premium loose leaf tea available to redefine how people enjoy healthy beverages.

Tea Accessories

We have an amazing selection of  tea accessories that have been curated to appeal to the modern tea drinker and are especially designed and branded for Cuples Tea House.

Tea Ware



An Urban Tea Experience

Cuples Tea House is a small minority/woman owned business out of Baltimore, Maryland offering An Urban Tea Experience that features premium loose teas, tea accessories, good music, good people, vibes, art and culture in a socially connected atmosphere.

Cuples Tea was started out of a desire to not only introduce tea culture to people but to make premium loose leaf tea available. It is our hope that by introducing people to alternatives to sugary drinks (which contribute to the unhealthy lifestyles of people – particularly in urban communities) that we begin to redefine how people enjoy healthy beverages.


The Tea Cafe'

Beginning Fall, 2020 we are scheduled to open Cuples Tea House in the BROMO Arts District in Baltimore, MD. Cuples Tea House will be designed to include a tea bar for our tea tastings, relaxed comfortable urban inspired atmosphere, a retail boutique and event space for our tea party’s. Our employees will be provided specialized training to ensure they are knowledgable about the rich history of tea, 100% customer focused, and most importantly, efficient with tea preparation techniques.


Marketing Fair Trade

To ensure the best quality and value, we import our teas directly from the countries in which they are grown, working closely with the farmers who tender them. The “Fair Trade” certification process is very expensive, the growers pay a certification fee in order to gain “Fair Trade” status, however many tea gardens are small and not have the means to participate in community investment or adhere to extensive bureaucratic documentation and auditing rules. Therefore, an overwhelming majority of specialty tea producers are not “Fair Trade” certified. Additionally in some countries like Japan, “Fair Trade” teas cannot be found because the tea workers are already paid above market wages.

Because the “Fair Trade” sourcing options are very limited, we believe that, currently, the best way for us and our associates to raise the living and working standards of the growers is to introduce Americans to the best premium loose leaf teas available. The result is higher wages, more employment, and better tea for all of us. We select all of our tea producing partners based, in part, on their business practices.


Our Mission

Cuples Tea’s mission is to share our passion and love of tea with you while redefining how people enjoy tea. Thus inspiring healthier communities by connecting people to premium loose leaf tea that is both great tasting and healthy.


The Business Model

We designed our business model to reflect the infusion of tea and tea education to our community as a way to reduce the frequency of preventable health problems such as (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.)  We have built our model where we can share our passion for tea and its rich tradition as a way to connect like minded people together.

We’ve designed our business model to reflect our passion for tea and its rich tradition as a way to connect socially responsible and like minded people together.

With tea, there is so much to consider – how it looks, the cost of each ingredient (and their proportion to the overall blend), the aroma, the taste and of course, maintaining that consistency through the end product. Through our online store, our pop ups, farmers markets, and our retail location we provide the customer with our quality teas and a customer friendly experience

We are well known for our popular tea tasting classes which features a 2-hour class on how to prepare your tea, how to steep your tea, how to enjoy your tea all wrapped up in a fun interactive class.

Another part to that is our “Tea Party” where we offer all of the traditional elements of a tea party, only we put our ‘urban tea experience’ twist on it.  What does that mean? Instead of your traditional egg salad, we give you ‘not your momma’s egg salad’ and trust us, you’ll know the difference right away.

By the way, this is not to be confused with our “Adult Tea Party.” Here we try out a few “Tea Cocktails” blending our teas with special cocktail recipes, using tea as the base.

We also offer a carefully curated selection of attractive and practical tea accessories and tea add-ins like honey, caramels and elixirs.

Not only can you experience our tea directly, through our wholesale partnerships, you can enjoy Cuples Tea at various restaurants, cafe’s colleges and universities. 

Eric and Lynnette owners of Cuples Tea

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BALTIMORE, Maryland – May 20, 2020 – Starting this fall, visitors to the 400 block of Howard Street in Market Center will be able to enjoy a healthy cup of tea in a comfortable urban environment. Cuples Tea House has over 40 tea blends on its menu of premium loose leaf teas, and also offers tea accessories, tea education classes and tea tastings. Cuples Tea House looks forward to opening a retail shop and tea bar at 409 N. Howard Street in the Fall of 2020.

Cuples Tea House is “not your momma’s tea house.” Owners Lynnette and Eric Dodson plan to combine culture, music, art, and tea education in a socially connected atmosphere, with tea as the connection that makes it all possible. They want to inspire healthier communities by educating people about the many benefits of drinking tea, a beverage rich with antioxidants and the power to boost mental clarity.

The Dodsons envision a relaxing urban atmosphere with plush seating, a wrap-around bar, large floor- to-ceiling windows, high shelves, and live plants to reduce noise and visual pollution – a space where people naturally experience the “basic goodness of being in the moment.” They hope that guests will visit for a delicious, healthy beverage and leave with their spirits elevated, nourished, and re-energized.

Currently, fans can find Cuples Tea at farmers markets including 32nd Street/ Waverly, Boordy Vineyards…read more