Jasmin Chun Hao

Jasmin Chun Hao

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Tea Type: Green Tea
Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine blossoms
Flavors: Floral and grassy notes are complimented by a long lasting jasmine aroma
Sold As: Loose Leaf, Tea Sachets
Caffeine: This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine

Steep instructions: 1 heaping tsp | we recommend 2-3 minutes for a more refreshing cup.

Multiple infusions.

If you enjoy Jasmine Green Tea, we urge you to try the soft, full-bodied and sweet flavor our silver-tip Jasmine Chun Hao Green tea. This high grade green tea type comes from the Fujian province of China and the cup is sweet, floral, not to fragrant and has a lovely silky texture as you drink. When steeped, this tea produces a clear yellow-green hue. There is likely a jasmine aftertaste which is typically stronger than the naturally astringent flavor of the green tea.

Below are some of the benefits attributed to this tea:

    • May help reduce the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases.
    • May help lower the risk of developing tumors and cancer.
    • May help enhance the immune system and combating diseases and ailments associated with different kinds of virus and bacteria.
    • May help strengthen bones and teeth.
    • May help in efforts to lose weight.
    • May help enhance alkalinity levels in the body.

    • May help fight inflammation and the ailments related to it.