Moroccan Mint Green Tea  (Summer Seasonal)

Moroccan Mint Green Tea (Summer Seasonal)

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Tea Type: Green Tea Base
Ingredients: Darjeeling Sungma Summer Tea, Peppermint Leaves, Spearmint, Rose Petals
Flavors: Sweet highlights of a First Flush Darjeeling. The rose petal highlights the cool mint notes of the peppermint and spearmint.
Sold As: Loose Leaf, Tea Sachets
Caffeine:  Medium

Steep instructions: 1 heaping tsp | we recommend 3-5 minutes for a more refreshing cup.


In our blend of the classic Moroccan Mint Green tea, we use a First Flush Darjeeling from India, peppermint leaves, spearmint leaves  and rose petals. The First Flush is the picking of the brand new tea leaves and a bud in the earliest spring growth of the plant, this gives us a floral pick which is lighter, fresher and brisker flavor. This process also results in a very refreshing cup, with bold, cool minty notes, smooth and relaxing texture and flavor.