Pu'Erh Hazelberry

Pu'Erh Hazelberry

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Type of Tea: Pu'erh (Yunnan Region)
Ingredients: Pu'erh Tea, Strawberries, Cocoa Nibs, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Natural Creme Flavor And Natural Hazelnut Flavor
Flavors: Hazelnut, tangy-sweet strawberries, hint of cream
Sold As: Loose Leaf, Individual Loose Leaf Pyramids
Caffeine: High

Steeping Instructions: 1 heaping tsp per cup | we recommend 5 minutes.


Pu'erh (pronounced POO-AIR-r) is the perfect morning cup. This blend will quickly become one of your favorite teas. Earthy and nutty, this tea’s sweet hazelnut and coco nibs flavors come out clearly followed by a creamy strawberry finish.  Revered for its purifying qualities this tea is very pleasurable to all of your senses. Along with being delicious, Pu-erh's have unique health benefits making it one of the best teas to drink. It has been shown to aid in weight loss, stress reduction, cardiovascular health, and lower cholesterol. Also, Pu-Erh goes through a fermentation process that helps balance your gut and detoxify your body.

Pu-erh tea is post-fermented, which means that the tea leaves go through a microbial fermentation process after they have been dried and rolled, causing the leaves to darken and change in flavor. This process allows the teas to not only improve with age like a fine wine, but many Pu-erhs are able to retain their freshness for up to fifty years! Pu-erh teas can be found in compressed brick form or in loose leaf form and can be made from both green and black tea leaves.