Tropical Hibiscus Flowers (SUMMER SEASONAL FAVORITE)

Tropical Hibiscus Flowers (SUMMER SEASONAL FAVORITE)

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Tea Type: Herbal Tea (Dried hibiscus Flowers)
Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers (Agua de flor de Jamaica)
Flavors: Known as sour tea; has a flavor like cranberries and lemon
Sold As: Loose Leaf, Individual Loose Leaf Sachets
Caffeine: Caffeine free

Steeping Instructions: 1 heaping tsp | we recommend 4-7 minutes for a more refreshing cup.

**Add ginger root to your cup for a spicy kick


The Pure hibiscus dried flower petals (also known as Agua de Jamaica) are prepared by placing boiling water over the flower. It is a very popular drink throughout the world and is often used as a medicinal tea. When used as a tisane/herbal tea, it is reputed to help in the treatment of hypertension, anxiety, relieves menstrual pain and it is rich in vitamin C, minerals, and various antioxidants.  Other medicinal remedies include relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, improves digestion, boosts the immune system and works as an anti inflammatory. It helps to cure liver diseases and reduces the risk of cancer. It can also speed up the metabolism and help in healthy, gradual weight loss.

**Hibiscus tea is not recommended for pregnant women.